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Ways to Commute


Tri-Rail serves shorter-distance commuters and airport travelers with 18 stations across Broward, Miami and Palm Beach. To maximize your Tri-Rail experience, locate your nearest station, check the timetable for a suitable departure time, purchase a mobile pass via the Tri-Rail app and track your train in real-time. Complete your journey by connecting to Broward County Transit or an On-Demand Shuttle.
For swift city-to-city travel, Brightline is your high-speed choice with five stations in the Tri-County area. Enjoy luxurious features like spacious seating, elegant interiors and onboard dining. Use the Brightline app to plan your train ride and coordinate ground transportation before your trip.


To enjoy the benefits of Broward County Transit (BCT), start by exploring the network of routes that connect with neighboring counties. Use BCT’s trip planner to find the best route. Purchase passes at a transit center, retail outlet or online, with discounts for seniors, students and veterans.
Stay informed about schedule changes by following BCT on social media or checking their website. Arrive at your bus stop and check the destination sign for the correct bus. If you brought a bike, stow it conveniently on the rack. Once comfortably in your seat, connect to the free wi-fi. Complete your journey on foot or bike, or on board a Community Shuttle or On-Demand Shuttle.

On-Demand Shuttle

Circuit and Freebee are your go-to options for short convenient rides around town. The first step is to download the Circuit and Freebee apps. It’s as simple as visiting your app store and searching for “Circuit Broward” and “Freebee Broward.” Once downloaded, open the app and follow the easy setup process, entering your payment information for a cashless experience.
Once you’re set up, familiarize yourself with the Circuit and Freebee service zones, enter your starting and ending locations and request a ride. After your ride, share your feedback by rating your driver which helps to maintain a high-quality experience for all users.

Carpool & Vanpool

Get started carpooling by registering with South Florida Commuter Services (SFCS) to connect with colleagues who live nearby and have similar hours. Make arrangements with a compatible partner and decide how you want to split the costs and driving.
If you have a larger group, form a vanpool through Commute with Enterprise. Vans are provided to a group of 5 – 15 passengers which can result in substantial savings.
Whether you choose carpooling or vanpooling, explore the many Park & Ride lots that serve as meeting points for commuters. Finally, sign up for the free Guaranteed Ride Home Program through SFCS as a safety net for your commute.


Keep your wallet happy, produce zero emissions and squeeze in some exercise all while pedaling to your destination. Get started by checking out our mapping tool that shows you around bike-friendly paths and facilities.
Tri-Rail offers bike lockers, and there are bike racks on trains and buses. If you prefer to borrow a bike, BCycle has you covered with its numerous stations.
Want to learn about future bike enhancements in your neighborhood? Look at Broward MPO’s Complete Street Master Plan. These projects aim to create safer and more accessible streets for cyclists.


Explore Broward’s extensive network of pedestrian-friendly paths using our interactive map to plan your outing. Our map provides scenic routes that wind through parks, along waterways and through charming neighborhoods. Review the distances and estimated walking times given by the map and learn how to combine walking with buses and trains to complete your journey. Always follow traffic rules and use designated crosswalks.
Walk to enjoy the benefits of a healthier, more connected lifestyle. You may discover hidden gems, meet new neighbors and support local businesses along the way.


Uber and Lyft are excellent choices for closing the gap between your destination and the nearest train station or bus stop. To maximize both your financial savings and eco-friendliness when using these rideshare services, opt for the shared ride option.
Getting started is a breeze — simply download the app on your smartphone, create an account, and with just a few taps, you can request a ride. To fully enjoy the advantages of your daily commute, always choose the shared ride option.

Community Shuttle

Broward County Transit’s Community Shuttles are a network of local, free-to-ride buses that are your ticket to expanded mobility, connecting you to major bus routes from your neighborhood. Easily transfer between shuttles and buses, maximizing your commuting possibilities across the county.
Using the Community Shuttles is easy. Start by finding out if your city offers BCT’s Community Shuttle service by checking our interactive map. Consult the shuttle schedule and locate your nearest shuttle stop. Arrive early, hop on and enjoy the free ride.